Dai, Gujie

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Gujie is a digital media designer and cook. His interests lie in web art, digital environments, multisensory experience, user research, the philosophical implications of emerging technologies, and shifting definitions of 'the Human' within the digital milieu.
Gujie has a background in engineering, multi-media arts and design. His multi-disciplinary background informs his technically and theoretically adept performances, web-based conceptual interventions, and audio-visual works. He is also a team player and a quick learner, with an open mind towards new people and things.

Interactive Virtual Environment
We are living in a highly digitalized world, where deconstruction and reconstruction are continuously in process. We get to know someone through comments online through content people posted on social media. What we encounter is not 'the person' anymore, but the digital bodies presented to us. And, the same person's digital body can be contrasting for different audiences.
Are we all like the player, deconstructing each others' identities, meanwhile being deconstructed by others, and trapped in social media, no escape? Or is it the right question to raise?

Writings on Digital Technology
Digital cameras have become ubiquitous. Photography, known as the action of capturing images, or, the process of recording visuality, has become almost costless in this digital era—it is easier than ever to take an image in the digital format. Photographical apparatus with human’s unintentionality or human’s actions by accident; to be more radical, without human’s being, the photographical apparatus along, quote unquote “empty” digital images emerging under that condition, I call these images the Digital Void.

Web Memories Player
A web hosting of one sad story, about someone that is not with us anymore

Second-person Meeting Site

Sketches made with p5.js
All these sketches are made using p5.js, and each one has its own unique name. I found that only by staring at them is satisfying enough.

EP developed from childhood zen memories
Fundamentally there is no Bodhi-tree,
Nor stand of a mirror bright,
Since all is void from the beginning,
Where can the dust alight?

I started to go to Buddhist temples since very young, the ambient and the singing of Sutras got me hooked. This album is inspired by those memories and experiences back then and there.

 UX: Redesign Review Platforms

 Second Person

 Photography collections

 Silly Drum – interactive installation made with PD & Arduino

 Fashion Show – an homage to Charlotte Cory’s photography You Animal, You.